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parts to install Zabbix as server and agent!

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Zabbix in a Nutshell


NET-SNMP or UCD-SNMP, the Simple Network Management Protocal, is required for SNMP support.

iksemel library is required for Jabber messaging.

libcurl is required for Web monitoring module.

Web Interface

The Zabbix Web interface is bulit on top of PHP. It depends on the following PHP modules:

  • BC Math, --enable-bcmath
  • PHP Sockets, --enable-sockets
  • It is using the old way to connect to database instead of the current popular way on top of PDO. So using SQLite3 will be tricky!

Preparing the Zabbix Database

There is a set of init database parts in the zabbix-build.cfg to take care of the database setup.

Zabbix Configuration

There are 3 kind of confgurations: server configuration, agent configuration, and configuration for web console

Server configuation:

Agent Configuration:

Issues and Fixes

Zabbix Agent (daemon)[23006]: No active checks on server: host [HOSTNAME] not found

This error is throught from the active checker agent. When the active checker agent check the application activities, it will talk to the Zabbix server based on the hostname. The agent will use the value from command hostname unless the Hostname is set in configfile. Hostname will be used as the unique key to query in Server configuration (Web interface). On server side, if the host is not configed with the same name, this error will be throught out.


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