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Buildout for WordPress, MediaWiki, and BuddyPress

Design and Architecture

we try to build an application with some the following features:

  • blog and content publishing
  • wiki page
  • content management
  • social capability.

the most possible cadidates are:

  • WordPress and its Plugins
  • MediaWiki and its Extensions.
  • BuddyPress

What we need?

We should focus on how to manage the configuration easily!

  • we need download WordPress, MediaWiki, BuddyPress NOTE: This is only needed at initial phase... We call it 2pm-build.cfg
  • auto generate all kind of configuration files
    • wp-config.php
    • LocalSettings.php
  • data directory's management work.
    • MediaWiki binary storge folder, default is the images folder
    • WorkPress binary storage folder, blogs.dir
    • WordPress avatars folder,
    • WordPress uploads folder?
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