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Enable Versioning for Project, Story, Iteration, ...

Plone 3 includes a robust versioning system as well as a tool for viewing diffs, which allows you to easily see the changes between two revisions.  We should leverage it to tracking the change on Project, Story, Iteration, etc.

Set Up Versioning When Installation

We need a few scripts and a xml file to set up the versioning when we install the iscorpio.plonepm product:

  • declaring versionable types in setup handler
  • set up diff mode in diff_tool.xml file.

Configure Versioning After Installation

We also can manually enable versioning for PlonePM content type.  We take XP Story as a example:

  1. enable versioning for XP Story
    Site Setup --> Types, select XP Story and enable versioning
  2. Set up Diff Types for fields in XP Story
    ZMI --> portal_diff
    PPMStory title HTML Diff
    PPMStory xppm_text HTML Diff


Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-30 10:51 Sean Chen configured the site to have edition history for Sotries and Iterations. Both support fields title and xppm_text.
-- 1.5 Hours, 50.0% Done
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