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Template validation and error handling

We will leverage on Django's template framework to do the validation error handling work.

  • providing error code in view class
  • design the message and define the way to show the message on template file
  • provide i18n message on locale folder

By default, we will provide 4 easy pages for Leocornus Django Ploneproxy:

  • login
  • mail password
  • password reset
  • logout

utils module

We design to allow users to customize their own Proxy pages for Plone sites.  So we put all reusable business logic implementation to utils module.  When users customize the pages for their own purpose:

  • If the default error codes are good enough, users only need customize the layouts and look & feels of each page, and provide proper i18n messages for each page.
  • If the default error codes are not good enough.  Users need also customize the view class to provide proper error code.  In this case, the facilities in utils module could be reused!

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-06-08 10:51 Sean Chen all 4 default pages are ready now, both views and templates, story is completed.
-- 3.0 Hours, 100.0% Done
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