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Ubuntu System Administration

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on going stroy about ubuntu system admin

Add and Format New Device

Some commands and files around here:

  • lshw, list all hardware. The option -C disk will list all hard dirves.
  • fdisk, partition the disk
  • mkfs, format the partition
  • /etc/fstab, update this file to tell Ubuntu to mount the new disk at boot time.
  • mount, use it to do manual mount.

Ubuntu's formal documentation about new hard drive Installing A New Hard Drive

Network Setings in Ubuntu

set us multip ips in Untuntu Server:

Ubuntu's offical manual about network configuration: <>

Some commans and files related to network configuration

  • lshw -class network, list all physical network device
  • file /etc/network/interfaces is where we set up IPs for each network device. We could set up more than one IPs for each single network device: using :n as the id. For example: eth0:1, eth1:2, etc.
  • Using ifup and ifdown to enable/disable the network interface
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