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Plone Resources

Some useful resources about Plone

Main Plone-related Links

Main site

What is Plone presentation  -

Plone for Non-Profits - - List of Plone sites and vendors worldwide

Plone Forum

Plone Development bug tracker

Plone documentation -


Zope Application Server (the underlying application server that powers plone)

Blogs about plone and the people who use and create it. - Blogs about Plone aggregator co-founder of Plone personal blog

Sites that have training materials on Plone - Plone 4 User Guide - books available - free downloadable book - lots of screencast videos on this site - Zope and Plone screencasts - definitive documentation and how-tos - Plone training events held around North America - Plone Developer Manual - get under the hood - How-to's from this University in the UK - screencasts on Kupu and other addons - State Library of Iowa - Plone How-to's and screencasts videos - Blogs and PloneBoard setup tutorial

Plone 4 - view with Firefox

Plone Conference 2007 (Naples) slideshows from presenters

Plone Conference 2008 (Washington DC) - Videos from presenters

Plone Symposium East 2009 - presentations - List of videos from the 2009 conference - Most in Quicktime format.

Plone Conference 2009 (Budapest) - presentation slidedecks - videos of presentations - plone conference 2009 videos - Note: UStreamTV video streaming is blocked by the OPS firewall so these videos will need to be watched at home.

Plone Symposium East 2010 Presentation slides and videos

Plone Events, Conferences and Symposia

Plone in Education - Penn State Plone development site - Plone for Education - Site listing of Colleges and Universities that use Plone - U of T School of Physics site University of Leicester (UK) Plone info - Univ of Washington Plone info - MIT OpenCourseWare site running Plone


Plone in Government - Plone in government site - City of Newport News, Virigina - Brasil government site in Plone - Gov of Texas Plone site - New Zealand government uses Plone (French)

Plone in Libraries - Public Library project for creating their websites Plone for Libraries

Plone in Health - Lab Information Management System (LIMS) built on Plone

Ecommerce - Plone Ecommerce tool with integration to

Plone Collective (List of Addon products for Plone) - List of Plone addons - List of Plone addons

Multimedia Site built in Plone

Sites running Plone (just a sample) - NASA Mission site

List of sites using Plone -

Plone User Groups - Toronto Plone User Group Google forum - Toronto Plone User Group website - Linkedin Group for Plone - Twitter group for Plone users - Live #Plone feed on Twitter - List of Plone user groups around the world
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