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Generic Use Case for PloneProxy

We try to explain the basic use case for the leocornus.django.ploneproxy

Django framework could provide all of them.


user can login to a internet Plone site through a Internet proxy server.

the cookies on proxy server level will be expired within 30 minutes.

after user login, user could log out.

if user forgot his/her pasword, he/she could find it back by run a reset password wizard

i18n, support at least English and French

Providing the following URI:

  • /login
  • /mail_password
  • /password_reset
  • /captcha
providing the following pages:
  • login form
  • password reset wizard / process: mail password reset link with a unique token, which will expire in a certain period of time.

Basic Idea

depends on httplib2 to perform most of work in backend!

user authentication will go through login_form

mail_password will go through mail_password_form

password reset will go through pwreset_form

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