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FunkLoad for Functional and Load Test

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Souce Code Info

Funkload SVN repository:

Funkload Trac:

Funkload change log:

A Quick Instruction:

funkload test report sample:

BenchMaster is used to run huge and parallelised load test based on FunkLoad:

FunkLoad Installation

FunkLoad is written in pure Python.  So we need Python been installed.

gnuplot is required to generate charts:  gnuplot has binary package for most of Linux distribution: ubnutu, CentOS, etc.  We need version 4.2 or later.

libgd png support is required for gnuplot to generate the charts for testing result.  Most of the Linux distribution also provide binary package for gd.  Make sure that your installed the devel package for gd.

TCPWatch is required for recording.

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