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Plone Form Gen and Plone Survey

Plone Form Gen ( is a Plone product which allows you to create form for a Plone site and offer default adapters (Mailer and Save Data) to handle the input data:

  • Mailer Adapter will mail each form submit data to the configured reipients, the mail message can be customized.
  • Save Data adapter will save the input data as a certain format (comma-separated (CSV) or tab-separated).
  • Custom Script Adapter provides a place for users to create their own Python script to handle the input data.

Ploen Form Gen is good enough for most of general and strait forward usages, it supports all input fields: date/time, number, file, lines, selection, string, text, field set, etc.  It also provides a set of convenient field validators.

What I don't like about Plone Form Gen is that it is depends on ArcheType!

PloneSurvey is a Plone product depends on PloneFormGen, which provides a easy to use survey management tool for a Plone site.

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