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RelStorage 1.4.0

RelStorage version 1.4.0 is released on November 2009.  It promised performance improvement and better way to work with memcached.

Shane Hathaway's blog:, he is the author of RelStorage, his blog talks a lot about it.

A overview slide about RelStorage from six feet up:

Installation with PostgreSQL

First step is installing PostgreSQL database.  If you install the postgresql from binary package, make sure the devel package been installed.  The devel package has very helpful utility pg_config, which will make the buildout easy to perform.

Preparing the PostgreSQL database for ZODB:

$ su - postgres
$ createuser --pwprompt zodbuser
$ createdb -O zodbuser zodb 

How to connect PostgreSQL database? - psycopg2  By using buildout, the installation will be very easy.  pg_config binary is required to install psycopg2 by using buildout!

eggs = 
psycopg2 == 2.2.2
RelStorage == 1.4.0c3 
    type postgresql
    dsn dbname='zodb' user='zodbuser' host='localhost' password='password'
    blob-dir ${buildout:directory}/var/blobstorage 

we need some tweaking in pg_hda.conf:

that's it!

About blob support

the parameter blob-dir is for relstorage section in zope.conf.

There is a error for blob file on page manage_change_history_page: POSKeyError: 0x0ed1.

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-08-24 12:06 Sean Chen finally connected to postgresql database! waste some time to figure out the settings on pg_hda.conf.
-- 3.0 Hours, 35.0% Done
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