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Buildout to Setup Solr Instance

There are different kinds of solr instances:


multi core

Solr Instance

Here is the buildout structure:

  • BUILDOUT/etc/solr
    This will be the solr/home in the context.xml file.
    • context.xml
      The context.xml will be the symlink target on CATALINA_BASE/Catalina/localhost.
    • solr-app-version.war
    • solr.xml
    • mw - for MediaWiki core
      • conf
        • solrconfig.xml
        • schema.xml
        • db-data-config.xml
        • xslt
          • rss.xsl
          • google.xsl
      • data
      • lib

The data directory for indexing data will be set in file solrconfig.xml. We will set the datadir to something like BUILDOUT/var/solr. Here is a sample:


The lib could be included in war file. OR, use the lib in solrconfig.xml to set a specific lib.

perform the following actions:

A typical Solr application

A tpical solr application will have the following parts:

  • context.xml on CATALINA_BASE/conf/Catalina/localhost
    • codebase to the solr.war
    • solr/home folder path as the Environment in context.xml. It could be the absolute path.
  • solr/home folder has the following structure
    • solr.xml: defines the cores by give a name and the instance path.
      The instance directory could be absolute path. Each core has the following folder structure.
    • solr-core-name
      • conf: the solr configuration folder.
        • solrconfig.xml
        • schema.xml
        • db-data-config.xml
        • xslt transform templages
      • data: the index storage space.
      • lib: extra library files, such as JDBC driver for data importer.

Solr Multiple Cores and Multiple Indexes

Solr Multiple cores -> multiple indexes -> merge indexes.

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