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Solr for BuddyPress

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buddypress database schema.

Database Schemas

following tables:

  • wp_bp_xprofile_xxx (fields, data, groups, updates)
  • wp_bp_activity (meta, sitewide, user_activity)

Query Scratch Pad

We need 2 steps to find a user's profile:

-- Find all users from table wp_users
display_name as name,
user_login as login,
CONCAT('User Profile') as keyword
FROM wp_users WHERE deleted = 0

-- group concat the xprofile data as the content
GROUP_CONCAT(value SEPARATOR ' ') as profile
FROM wp_bp_xprofile_data
WHERE user_id = ${}

-- decide the last modified date.
FROM wp_bp_xprofile_data
WHERE user_id = ${}
ORDER BY last_updated DESC

User Profile

User profile on top of WordPress user

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