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Solr Multiple Cores

deploy, configurate, and search multiple cores Solr instance.

Multiple cores will have multiple indexes stored in separate folder. The search result will be different.

Combined search result

The query parameter shards will be used to combine the search result. We just need list solr core's URL. For example:


Basic Admin Actions

The action RELOAD will reload the core configration and schema. The configuration includes solrconfig.xml and data importer configuration.


The action CREAT will create a new core based on the following parameters

  • name: set core name
  • instanceDir: path to instance directory
  • config: sorlconfig file name
  • schema: schema file name
  • dataDir: index data directory

The action fullimport will re-build the whole index.



The CoreAdminHandler could CREATE, RELOAD, and UNLOAD a Solr core.

Reload core setting:


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