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mod_python vs mod_wsgi

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First of all, we need keep in mind that mod_wsgi is not suppose to replace mod_python.  The main purpose for mod_wsgi is to improve the performance and provide solutions for some long going mod_python issues.

In this mailing list thread (, Graham Dumpleton (creator of mod_wsgi) explained the major differences between mod_python and mod_wsgi.  It is very conclusive compares!

Authentication Mechanisms

mod_wsgi has very good (perfect) support for HTTP Basic and Digest Authentication Mechanisms.  However it does not support other Authentication mechanisms, such as session and cookie.  Also mod_wsgi doesn't provide the API for user to extend the authentication mechanisms.  So user could not implement customized authentication mechanisms.

mod_python is the only choice for special authentication mechanisms.  The Django Plone proxy will depend on mod_python for user authentication!

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