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Providing Easy to Use Cryptographic APIs

The tool leocornus_crypto will provide the following APIs for Plone developers to manipulate cryptography easily:

  • encrypt strings: leocornus_cyrpto.encrypt(string)
  • decrypt strings: leocronus_crypto.decrypt(string)

How to use it?

The cryptographic APIs should be as easy to use as follows:

    crypto = getToolByName(portal, 'leocornus_crypto')

The Implementation

The easy and quick implementation will be using the default keyczar reader: file reader.  The keyset will be generated by using the default Keyczar tool and stored in the file system.  We may still need this implementation for testing purpose.

The better and elegant implementation is generating keysets by using a Plone script and store them in Plone object.  This will depend on Plone implementation for Keyczar Reader and Plone implementation for Keyczar Tool.


Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-28 07:35 Sean Chen Did more testing around this, I think we are done for this iteration.
-- 0.5 Hours, 100.0% Done
2010-04-12 07:35 Sean Chen PloneCrypter keyczar implementation is ready at r372
-- 1.0 Hours, 90.0% Done
2010-04-12 07:34 Sean Chen quick implementation for testing purpose is ready at r369
-- 1.0 Hours, 30.0% Done
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