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Plone Implementation for Keyczar Tool

Keyczar Tool (keyczart) is a standalone utility for creating and managing Keyczar keysets on file system.  The Plone implementation will provide the same functionalities but store the keysets on a Plone object.

The basic management tools include:

  • create key set: generate the key metadata
  • add primary key: generate a new key as the primary, demote an existing primary key (if there is) to an active status.
  • clear and regenerate keys!

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-13 07:45 Sean Chen the clear and regenerate keys functionality is ready at reversion r373. We are done for the first iteration.
-- 1.0 Hours, 100.0% Done
2010-04-12 07:45 Sean Chen create keyset and add primary key is ready at reversion r372
-- 1.0 Hours, 35.0% Done
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