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Tips about vim

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Search and Replace

:%s/fromString/toString/g - 

Ctrl - r for redo compare u for undo


Register is the clipboard for vim. It is actually more than that. Registers could be number, letter, etc. You could find possible registers by using :help registers.

"kyy                    - yank current line to register k
"ky                     - yank selected region to register k
"kp                     - Copy register k to after current position
"kP                     - Copy register k to before current position
:reg                    - Show all registers
:let @a = "testing let" - set the register a as text 'testing let'

Record and Playback

Record and playback is very powerful. It will speed up the whole editing work.

qb   - record typed characters in to register b
qB   - append typed characters in register b, 
       record only supports lower case letter as register name.
q    - stop recording
@b   - execute the content of register b
@@   - repeat the last executation.
6@@  - repeat 6 times.
15@b - Execute the content of register b 15 times

A very good post about advanded vim macros.

Uppercase and Lowercase

gU - uppercae the whole selection

gu - lowercase the whole selection

gUl - uppercase the right letter

guh - lowercase the left letter

guj - lowercase the whole line

gUw - Uppercase the word starts from cursor

Syntax Highlight

:set syntax=html - set syntax to html for current buffer

:set expandtab autoindent syntax=html - set to use spaces for indention and auto indent

Vim and Shell

:shell - will load a shell console

Vim-Shell:, a patch for Vim to load Shell command line in a Vim Window.

:! ls -la - execute command from vim

:r ! ls -la - read the output of ls -la and insert into current buffer.

:r ! wc % - read the count summary for current editing file and insert into current buffer.

Vim and Remote Host/File

Edit a remote file

$ vim scp://user@remote-host/path/to/file

:edit scp://user@remote-host/path/to/another/file

Tips About Netrw

:Ex - view the current directory.


:so $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/2html.vim

:TOhtml - the easy command to do the same work.

:10,30TOhtml - htmlize a region

:let html_use_css=1 - let htmlize use CSS to set color and font for the HTML

Indent, tab in Vim

:set expandtab - set to use spaces for tab

:set autoindent - set to auto indent for new lines

:set textwidth=80 - set to auto wrap on 80 chars for each line

stop vi to insert tab or comment my text when i paste something:
simply input the command

:set paste
:set nopaste

w3m in vim

:tabe | :r ! w3m -dump - read Google's home page on a new vim buffer in a new tab.

Search and Replace

Search and replace in vim is similar with sed syntax.

  • :%s/from string/to string/g - search and replace for the whole buffer
  • :15,50 s/>/\</g - search and replace from line 15 to line 50 in current buffer.


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