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The Powerful Screen


Commands Check List

C-a ?
show help info, lists keybindings

C-a c
create new window

C-a K
Kill the current window

C-a n/p
switch to next/previous window

C-a 0/1/2 ...
switch to window 0, 1, 2, ...

C-a '
switch to another window,

C-a "
List all windows for selection

C-a w
List all windows at the bottom, just for information.  You could not select from here.

Copy and Paste

C-a [
start copy mode, all used to scroll back the buffer.

C-a ]
Finish copy

Split Screen

C-a S
Split display

C-a tab
jump to the next display region

C-a X
Remove current display region

C-a Q
Remove all other regions but the current one

About Byobu

byobu ( is a enhanced profile and configuration utility for powerful screen window manager.

It is quite good!


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