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Ability to attache files to a ticket - Research Story

this will allow user to upload screen short to a ticket.

Java Script / AJAX Client

useing jquery libs to handle file upload and page refresh

  • jQuery lib will be idea for upload files.
  • upload file to server
  • waiting response from server
  • refresh page with result
  • generate wiki code to reference the file on server side.

this seems the winner for client:

Supported File Typtes

  • images
  • office documents
  • pdf

Where the file stored?

In Trac

  • XMLRPC api supports attachment or not?
    • Yes! The Trac XML-RPC api does support attachement. It offers list, get, put, and delete methods to handle all possible cases for attachement.
  • Is the XMLRPC api for attachement easy to use?
  • ISSUE: it is not easy to reference the attachment if Trac installation is protected by password.

MediaWiki if available

  • using or special page
  • centralized place for everything.

WordPress if available

  • WordPress API or function...
  • WordPress page template

Use Cases

There are 2 different use cases, one for image files and one for other files.

Image Files

  • user select image file from local desktop or drag and drop image file from local desktop to input area
  • file is uploaded to wiki server
  • generate the URL for the image.
  • attach the image wiki code to the description / comment textarea.

Binary Files

In the binary files case, we should generate a the link to the file instead fo the wiki image reference.

User Interface Design

The attachement section will be added to both main ticket creation / modification area and comment area.

  • function wptc_widget_ticket_fieldset
  • function wptc_widget_comment_fieldset


  • We will start with using MediaWiki to save all binary files.
  • Drag and drop will be support in future releae

MediaWiki API or Special Page

it is a bit challenge to calling MediaWiki calsses and APIs from WordPress world.

If we think from another perspective, we could create a special page on OPSpedia Wiki to handle the uploaded files.

Component Design

  • function to generate new component called Attachment:
    • load/enqueue PLupload libs, WordPress function wp_enqueue_script
    • render the upload area, file selection button and upload button
  • MediaWiki special page to handle PLupload request on server side.
  • JavaScript client to add link to ticket textarea and / or comment textarea.

Tickets / Stories Design and Plan

  • how to use PLUpload on WordPres page template?
  • How to upload file through MediaWiki API?
  • How to upload file through MediaWiki Special Page?
  • How to create MediaWiki Special Page?
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