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Attach Files to a Ticket - Design Story

the design story for attaching files to a ticket.

The basic idea:

  • create attachment row to allow user
    1. slelect files from local desktop
    2. upload files to server, save as MediaWiki File.
    3. append file url to description or comment textarea.
  • add attachment row on ticket details form
  • add new attachment row on comment form


  • Mediawiki special page to handle PLupload AJAX request.
  • PHP function to render HTML for file selection and upload section (row). It will be used on both ticket details form and comment form.
  • PHP function to generate JavaScript client to build and initialize the plupload.uploader object.
    1. set up plupload.Uploader object: browse_button, container, multi_selection, etc.
    2. Filter for file selection: images, zip, pdf, etc.
    3. Be able to set up metadata for MediaWiki File: file description, file category, comment, file name prefix, etc. (multipart_param option and BeforeUpload event)
    4. Be able to switch cursor between normal and wait.
    5. Error handling. (Error event from plupload).
  • PHP function to generate JavaScript code to handle AJAX response from MediaWiki Special page. Bascially how to handle (display) the URLs for those uploaded files.
  • Admin page to allow user to customize the attachment's metadata, category, file name, etc.

Attachment Metadata

tags will attache to each attachment attached to a ticket. It could be the Categories if we save the file as a MediaWiki_ File.

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