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Ticket Watch List Design Story

Introduce the Watch /Unwatch function for each ticket.

Use Cases

  • logged in user can watch and unwatch any ticket.
  • logged in user can review all tickets that she/he is watching...
  • list of users watching a ticket, from ticket's perspective.
  • user will receive email notification for all watching tickets...

Design Overview

  • we will using the Trac's cc field to save all watchers's email addresses.
  • Trac client plugin will associate the email address with user login and user full name, back and forth.
  • ticket owner and reporter will automatically watch the ticket.
  • wptc_widget_ticket_info_topnav function.

Views and Widgets Need

  • [logged in user] view to list all watching tickets for a user
  • [anonymous user] view to list all users who are watching a ticket
  • image / button for logged in user to watch / unwatch a ticke
  • [anonymouns] ability to show the total number of watchers for a ticket.

Functions and Components

  • function wptc_watch_ticket($ticket_id, $watching = true, $user_email = null) will be the one for watch and unwatch ticket.
  • function wptc_ticket_watchers($ticket_id) will return a list of watchers
  • page template to show the list of watchers for a ticket! maybe just a jQuery UI Dialog.
  • [HOLD ON] AJAX call back function to call the

Code Samples

Markup for the watch/unwatch and summary button:

<span class="watching" style="
    float: right;
    font-size: 78%;
    border: solid black 1px;
    <span class="watching-button" style="
    border-right: solid black 1px;
    margin-right: -4px;
    padding-right: 4px;
    <span class="watching-sum">21</span>
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