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Django Application does NOT work on my IE 6

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The problem is the system time on the Apache HTTPD server is hours late then the system time on my desktop!  And my SESSION_COOKIE_AGE is set to 300 seconds, which is only 5 minutes!  The cookie does send to IE and IE and set it up no problem!  But since the cookie age is already expired, so it was removed right way!  Django is testing cookie enable or not by set a cookie and get it back!  Since the cookie could not be got back, Django just made conclusion that this browser not support Cookie!

My server is a Ubuntu on Virtual Box, the system time is not always sync!  Normally that's not a problem, but not for this time!

I found out this problem by comment out the SESSION_COOKIE_AGE settings, so the default setting will be used!  The default cookie ages is 5 days!  Then everything works fine!

Waste hours time here!  It is good lesson to learn!

I keep getting error

"Looks like your browser isn't onfigured to accept cookies.  Please enable cookies, reload this page and try again."

I am sure that my IE is set to enable cookies!  Other Web applications require cookies are working just fine on my IE 6!

I did test on IE 7, it does NOT work either!

What's the problem here?

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When Who What Done
2010-05-17 11:00 Sean Chen waste 2 hours time to figure out this tricky issue!
-- 2.0 Hours, 100.0% Done
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