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Ability to setup maximum keys and automatically retiring

Allow use to setup the maximum amount of active keys.  So the oldest key will be automatically retired!

Here is typical use case:

  • set the clock-server in zope.conf to add new key every 4 hours
  • set the maximum amount of keys to 6
  • At the 24 hours after the first key been created, we will add a new key.  At this time, the first key will be retired (inactive).  Because we reached the maximum keys amount.


Add a property called max_keys_amount to set up the maximum keys amount that we will store.

Revise the logic for mange_addNewKey, so we could do housekeeping when the maximum amount is reached.

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-16 07:54 Sean Chen added the property max_keys_amount and remove the oldest key once the max keys amount is reached. reference revision: r386
-- 1.5 Hours, 95.0% Done
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