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Better way to store keys

We are using leocornus_crypto's annotations to store keyczar metadata and keys.  As we know IAnnotations is based on Python's dict type.  So we need define the keys for keyczar metadata and keys.  The story Plone implementation of Keyczar reader has the details about current implementation.

What's the issue?

Not convenient to manipulate: demote, check amount, remove, etc.

This story is try to find a better way to store keys in annotations:

  • leocornus.plonecrypto.crypter.keyczar.meta
  • leocornus.plonecrypto.crypter.keyczar.keys
    • 1 : akeoskgsleshglskeislfhwldijalg
    • 2 : sislahiola;aeijlasleridj;asldfjoe

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-29 06:14 Sean Chen did some around this, story is completed!
-- 1.0 Hours, 100.0% Done
2010-04-28 08:21 Sean Chen save all keys as dict in one annotations key. revision: r385. Will add some methods later.
-- 2.0 Hours, 90.0% Done
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