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Plone Portlet for Plone PM

We need a portlet to provide navigation function for Plone PM.  The default Plone navigation portlet is not good enough for Plone PM to browse the project status and progress status.

Plone PM Navigation Portlet

This portlet need show the links to various views for the Plone PM, such as:

  • Project default view, overview
  • Project Iteration view, Project Status and Progress view by Interation/phase
  • Recent Changed stories
  • All stories list view, which will also show the progress bar for each story.
  • Recent changed artifacts.
  • All Artifacts View, by status

Story Facts Portlet

This portlet will try to display the facts about a story:

  • Iteration Plan
  • Other Stories in the same Iteration
  • Dependence stories
  • Story Summary!

Ability to allow user to pick up views

User should be allowed to customize the content of this portlet.  Basically we need provide a selection list of views for user to select.

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