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Possible Views for Project Content

This story describes the views for a Project:

  • Basic views:
    all iterations
    all stories
    all artifacts
    all sys requirements
    all function requirements
  • View for metadata
  • the homepage view for project:
  1. most recent release: with date!
  2. project road maps / iterations, which is on planning or developing.  The road map view should be different from a list of iterations.
  3. recent changed stories: with progress bar and last change date
  4. recent changed artifacts, with last change date and the contributor
  5. project snapshot: amount of stories, amount open stories, amount of criminal stories.

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Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-04-14 08:50 Sean Chen testing revision to link r373
-- 1.0 Hours, 80.0% Done
2010-03-26 06:00 tiger testing with different user from current user.
-- 1.0 Hours, 78.0% Done
2010-03-12 00:00 - testing the new when field for time billing form.
-- 1.0 Hours, 78.0% Done
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