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Project Content Type

The Project Content Type stands for a Plone PM Project. It is based on ArcheType.

A project should have the following fields / properties:

  • source code repository, basically the root URL for SVN access.
  • source code browser URL, trac URL or ViewCV URL, 
    this URL will be used to generate the in-line link for change set and/or reversion number.

It will also includes a various of view for this project:

  • default view to show current activation status for each iteration: iteration title, target data, progress status, etc.
  • Releases
    release iterations
  • Roadmap / Iterations
    none release iterations
  • Metadata
    the organized view for metadata.
  • Stories
    all stories list, if this project has stories.
  • Artifacts
    all artifacts list, if this project has artifacts.
  • System Requirements
  • Function Requirements
  • Function Specifications
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