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Story Content Type

A story is defined as a small set of work that can be completed ideally within a couple of days!  

A story should have the following attributes:

  • Iteration Plan, where you can specify the iteration that this story belongs to.  This is for the iteration plan.
  • Completion date, when this story should be finished.
  • Estimated Hours, how many hours that you planed to spend on this story
  • Progress Status, percentage of completion time by time.
  • Story owners, who suppose take care of this story.
  • dependence stories, other stories that this story depends on.
  • System Requirement, which that this story should implements.
A story can have artifacts so that the team member can collaborate around it:
  • submit proposal,
  • submit issue,
  • ..
The default view for a story should have a progress bar to indicate the status, a list of artifacts and their status, the target completion date, etc.

Tracking History

When Who What Done
2010-03-24 06:58 - testing the default value for when
-- 1.0 Hours, 88.0% Done
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